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Ultra Shine Signature Series Polishing Kit


The Ultra Shine Polishing Kit is your “go to” kit for a show quality shine, every time. Tested and designed not only for today’s High Performance Forged Wheel Industry and custom lifted pickup trucks, but a must for all aluminum tanks and wheels on Big Rig trucks, Airstream type trailers, and custom vehicles of all types. This kit has you covered with our premium Signature Series buffs and compounds designed by polishers for polishers, yet makes achieving a show quality shine simple for even inexperienced users.



Ultra Shine Kit Contains:



1 – Signature Series 10″ Kwik Kut Primary cut airway wheel # AWO 58 10 KK


1 – Signature Series Brown Tripoli compound #JRTRP


1 – Signature Series 10″ “Joker” Smooth Kut Secondary cut and color airway wheel # AWG 58 10 SK


1 – Signature Series Moss Cut & Color compound #JRMOS


1 – Signature Series 10″ White Domet Flannel airway wheel # AWW 58 10 FL


1 – Signature Series Blue Moon coloring compound #JRBMN


1 – Signature Series Pro 25 Easy Kut “Forged Wheel Formula” Metal Polish # 25016, formulated for forged aluminum, billet & chrome


1 – 2” Tapered Goblet for those hard to reach places #2TBSM


1 – Set of Safety Flanges # SFPR 58-4

1x Adapter

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